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Starting on a cardiology unit. Post op and pre op cardiac patients. I'm wondering what are key objectives I should have for this unit. What do I NEED TO KNOW before I start. I was told to research cardiac testing. I will have ECG training, which I partially have.  I've been a nurse for 12 years. I've worked mostly in medicine. The first unit was a heart and stroke step down unit. I worked in a small rural hospital in which I wore many hats from nurse, desk nurse, clinic, er. I took some time off during covid due to depression. I now work in rehab. I'll be starting a new job in medicine and at the same time starting on a cardiology floor. I would like some advice on whatvto know before I start on the unit. I now how 10 days to prep since my daughter tested positive for covid. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions. 

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Rhythms, medications. Are you ACLS certified? If not make sure you get that as well. Understand the procedures they will be doing. It sounds like you should already know some of this though if you worked on a heart stepdown. It really won't be much different except instead of being admitted they will be going home same day. 

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