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New CA RN graduate moving to Missouri

Has 3 years experience.

Hello! I just graduated my California ADN program in December, and will be moving to Missouri around February 1st, 2017. My school has notified our class that we will not be able to schedule our NCLEX until mid-February. How do I go about testing in Missouri 1) if I want to get my CA license or 2) if I decide to just get my MO license.

I'm sure this question has been asked and answered hundreds of times on these boards, and I will keep looking here and on the Missouri BRN website, but I appreciate any advice.

Thank you!


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You can only apply to one BON for license by examination. There is a delay between application and being able to test. You will need to decide relatively shortly, since NCSBN recommends to avoid delay that you register for PearsonVUE a month prior to graduation.


Specializes in Cardiac (adult), CC, Peds, MH/Substance. Has 8 years experience.

Also, your test location is wherever you want. You can take it in a different state than you apply for licensure.

Heylove, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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So I had decided to apply for licensure through California BRN, and then have my licensed endorsed by Missouri BRN.

What a mistake. California BRN processing times are insane. They have lost several of my classmates' applications, and the delays have cost them jobs that were waiting for them. Unacceptable.

I talked to Missouri BRN this morning who said I can send in my application and transcripts and take my test for licensure in Missouri with no problem. I'm concerned that I will have two applications "out there" at the same time. I can stop payment on my check to CA BRN, but I really am curious (even if it means I will never see the $199 again) as to if they are EVER going to cash my check or process my application.

I am also concerned that as soon as I send in my application to Missouri BRN, that I will be the next application on the stack to be processed in California and maybe I should just wait a few more weeks.

Just venting, I guess. Thanks for listening.


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