New BSN program - opinions on Ohio University?


Hi! I got some great advice to use NCLEX pass rates as a possible measure for deciding which BSN programs to apply to. Thank you very much to those who recommended that.

One of the schools I'm looking at is Ohio University, but they're just graduating their first BSN class this year. Their established ADN pass rates are in the 90's, is that comparable? I like that their simulation lab was updated in 2010 so it sure seems like they're investing in creating a good program, but I'm worried about being a trailblazer.

I do know they have a very large and I think well regarded online RN-BSN program, but does that translate into a good on-campus program?

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Everyone I know who went there was taking the rn-bsn bridge online. Sorry.

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Did you go to campus and speak with the staff and student reps? That would be a good eye to get a feel for it.


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I'm doing their lpn to rn program right now and it's good so far. I heard their bsn program is just very unorganized because its new so they haven't worked the kinks out yet. But they put a lot into it so I would imagine their NCLEX pass rates will be good.