New BSN grad, DWI in 2015, passed NCLEX now what?


Hi everyone,

So happy to see that this board exists! I recently graduated nursing school and passed the NCLEX a few days ago. I was told by several RN's while i was in school that having a DWI on my record was not really a big deal and I did not think much of it until pretty recently.

When I mailed my paperwork to New York State Board of Professions I included a certificate of disposition and a short letter explaining what happened. Basically I had an undiagnosed anxiety disorder my whole life and I resorted to alcohol as a form of self medication. Following my DWI (almost three years ago now) I went to inpatient rehab for 2 months, stayed in a sober living home for a while and went through the 12 steps of AA. AA is (and will always be) a huge part of my life.

I do feel that I've done everything in my power to ensure I never have to pick up a drink again.

Having said that, I'm not sure what to do next. Do I contact the Board? I did not include any documents in my application other than the disposition certificate and my brief letter explaining what had happened. I know others have said that this can be a painfully long process waiting to know the boards decision. Is there anything I can do to speed things along?


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did you send them in everything that they asked for? I would have sent them everything!! Proof of rehab, signatures for meetings and letter of recommendation. here in cali it took me about 4 months total to get my license, so you definitely have to wait it out! I wish you the best of luck. also look into getting the charge expunged if that is a option, might make finding a job easier.


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