New to Baltimore! Where should I live?


I've just been accepted into Hopkins FNP program, and have NO idea where to move next month! Should I live near the campus? Take transportation in? Will I need a car in Baltimore? I've heard about a shuttle, which seems like a good idea. Any advice would be awesome. :)

Thanks! I'm so lost!


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Hi Joie,

Here is a link that gives many opinions. Owings Mills is outside the city and has a train that goes straight to Hopkins (I took it for my clinicals at Hopkins and recall it was about a 30-minute ride). I hear the immediate area around Hopkins in undesirable but they are trying to revitalize it. I have been living in MD all my life and would never move to that area, but you may be more adventurous. Depends where you live, but I would say you need a car. Good luck!

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Read back a few pages in this section because there are threads on this topic that are very informative. Welcome!


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Pikesville/NW Baltimore (the Jewish district) is safe and pretty nice. The Roland Park area around hopkins is decent too. Public transportation in the city is OK, though nothing great, if you live near a light rail station.