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New ASN graduate seeking advice for further studies

jlm41 jlm41 (New) New

I will be graduating from Ivy Tech Fort Wayne campus with my ASN in July. I want to continue my studies.

Question-1. Should I go for ASN-BSN or ASN-MSN?

Question-2. Which is the most reputed and prestigious university for BSN/MSN?

What are my choices? Please advice.


First, what is your long term goals? Will a BNS suffice or a MSN? Some hospitals don't reward for higher degree advance for the bedside nurse in terms of pay.

There are many college out there that offer BSN and MSN programs. Just make sure to look at the accreditation. You will probably get varied responses for which is the most reputed. Truly, in your hunt for the right program, you should look at the mission statement and values of the nursing program to find the right fit. Only you can decide if the college is a right fit. What I may say works for me, may not work for you. For example, are you the type of person that needs to meet face to face in class or will online work for you? Alot of MSN programs are online and BSN programs are also offered as that option. For example, are you wanting a nursing education based on Christian values? If someone didn't not believe in Christianity, they probably wouldn't choose a faith based program where prayer may be offered daily.


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