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Hi all! Quick question, working with the same sweet patient, same 485, just a new agency has taken her case at her request. We love her so that we went with her when she made the switch. Well, they say change can be difficult, and parts of it can be and have been. New agency does not want us to cross out any unused lines on our progress notes so that if we need to make "corrections" we will have room. Well, after 30+ years of covering my butt with not leaving any blank spots on legal documents, I am pretty uncomfortable doing this. I asked if after the notes were audited, before they were posted in the chart, they would be lined through so that no one could walk into the office., pick up the chart, and scribble away (charts are easily accessible) , they laughed of course. Told them I would be continuing to line through my unused areas and would be most happy to write any addendums for them. I was told I did not want to get a reputation as a difficult personality. Any opinions or suggestions out there? Help us please! Thanks in advance!

Find another case and another employer. This is just the beginning and they told you where you stand. If you are lucky, your old agency will take you back.

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