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Has anyone gone to this school for medical assistant. I heard about the allen school but their program cost a a little under 17000 new age training is much more affordable at under 9000 can anyone tell me about their program??

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I dont know anything about the schools but am sure the community college around your areas do have MA course which would be cheaper instead of spending thousands on this for profit schools

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Def look at community colleges, you would save a lot of money. The CUNYs have Medical Assistant programs. Look in their Continuing Education section of their websites. I know Kingsborough, LaGuardia, Hostos, and York (in Queens) have MA programs and they are way cheaper. When you finish the sequence of courses, you get your MA certificate. The programs also include internships to have some clinical experience.

I never heard of New Age School, I would stick with a school that is known. You dont want to risk paying for your program and then not being able to get a job b/c the program is not accredited by the Dept of Ed or something.


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I have checked out lehman college they have a medical assistant program in the adult continuation classes but they do not have a start date yet which is really weird and I really want to start school ASAP. Has any one heard of the asa college?