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never scrubbed but want to be an RNFA

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hi. i'm a newly hired OR nurse (I haven't even started yet) and was a little disappointed to learn that my hospital, for the most part, has the RN circulate only. I use to be a ophthalmic surgical tech and really enjoyed assisting (LASIK and cataract surgery). A big reason why I went to nursing school was to go beyond the eyes and do major cases. I know that there are RNFAs and was wondering if I would be able to get the RNFA training without having experience as a scrub RN because it looks like all I'll be doing is circulating and I'd love to do both. I know it takes a while to even qualify to apply to an RNFA training but at least I'd know if it would even be a possibility.

I would just tell your boss that you want to be an RNFA in the future. Ask her if you can scrub some cases, even if it means doing so on your own time.

As Linda stated, ask your facility. A part of the RNFA is getting an agreement (MOA) between the school and your facility to do an externship there. Most facilities who allow it will also allow you to get the cases while working. That is not a given and you may have to do the cases on your own time (slight probability but still could happen).

A requirement for the RNFA programs is to be a CNOR or at least eligible to sit and pass before the program is completed (and a passing of the CNOR exam before the certificate is given). You have to check with the school for that one.

A requirement of eligibility for CNOR is two years in the OR.

You stated that you are new to the OR so you have time to work it out with your facility.

Best of luck!!!!

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Becoming an NP is another route to RNFA. The woman who basically runs our CT surgery service (one of the top in the country) is an FNP who never scrubbed a case as an RN in her life. She's a crazy supergenius and thus a bit of an outlier, but it can be done.

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