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The only good thing about retirement is having time to retool for another career. I am 62 and I retired from the Dallas Fire department after 31 years. 30 of those years were spent in the back of an ambulance as a paramedic. I loved my job and should never have retired. I'm trying to move on but after 31 years doing what I was put in this world to be I'm finding it really scary to go back to school. I have a Bachlors degree of Science in education but I really want to become an emergency room R.N.. I'm just not through helping people yet and hope I can convince the world I still have something to give. I will never retire again. I hope I'm found at 105 leaned over a hospital bed taking patient history. I'm excited and scared at the same time and hope I can keep up in school. I s there anyone out there that can relate to my situation? My biggest mistake was not getting into a nursing program while I was a firefighter. Does anyone know of a fast track program that allows me credit for 30 years as a paramedic? You can slow down but never never retire.


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There are multiple programs across the country that have bridging programs for paramedic to RN. Some hospitals hire EMTs & paramedics into the ER rather than aides. You could try that & then hopefully qualify for tuition reimbursement for your RN. Since you have a bachelors degree, you could also do an accelerated BSN. I would just caution you to try not to take on a huge amount of debt.

I think if you search this site for paramedic to RN, you'll find some threads on the topic.