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Hello guys!

I am in California and looking to possibly relocate to Nevada. I am seriously looking at NSC for Fall of 2021. I have taken just about all pre-requisites except for BioL-189 (Fundamentals of Life Science). I have a BA already so the pre-reqs weren't completed at NSC and I'm concerned about this. If I calculated everything right, I have about a 3.74-3.75 "ish" GPA. I am ALMOST ready for the TEAS, but am terrified. Just worried that even if I score a 100% on the TEAS that I won't have a competitive application because of how they do their point system. I REALLY hope I can go to NSC. I'd appreciate feedback from folks who are in the program or know people in the program, alumni, etc. Just nervous based on my research. Should be meeting with a counselor soon, but just want some "boots on the ground" feedback. Thanks! ?

Luke 10.27

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A 3.75 GPA should put you in the competitive range of applications.  The TEAS doesn't weigh as heavily as your GPA does.  For example, if you score an 80% on your TEAS, you would only lose 4 points on the application.  There is a facebook group called "NSC Nursing Students" that you can join.  There are future, present, and current students at NSC in the group who can help you understand more of the details, if needed.  Good luck!


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Hi Luke,

Thanks so much for your reply! I already have a BA and sent all transcripts. Looking like the school is weird about transfer students. I will meet with a counselor and see, but not sure about NSC if I have to re-take all the courses from my Bachelors degree. Again, thanks!

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