worth it to apply to roseman?

  1. I am going for their absn program, however I live all the way in socal. My main purpose is to apply to this program as a back up school. I know that tuition is 55k and it is about 1 year and 8 months for the entire program. I would have to pay for housing and food. However in case I don't get into any program this could do. My main concern is how competitive is the program to get into?

    Also I would have to drive there and conduct an interview which sucks cause I live far away. I don't want to drive all the way over there for my back up school, but I know they are conducting interviews soon.
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  3. by   Jennyxjenx
    Roseman's program is way more than 55k. I go there now. Im in the Accelerated program which is 18months! Have you taken the TEAS? They admit 3 times a year so as long as you have good GPA and do well on the TEAS you should be fine!
  4. by   nurse2bnoob101
    oh awesome i have some questions. I was told the program was 55k, so how much approximately is it with taking everything into consideration? What are your thoughts on the program so far? Are lots of the graduates getting jobs?
  5. by   Jennyxjenx
    My tuition was over 60k! I like the program roseman is respected in the Las Vegas hospitals so I'm hoping I will not have an issue getting a job
  6. by   nurse2bnoob101
    how much with housing and food costs? i heard that las vegas is really cheap housing.
  7. by   Jennyxjenx
    Right now rent is going up but if you look good you can probably find a one bedroom for 800 900..like I said though the housing market is rising and rents have been increasing I'm renting a 3 bedroom for 1150 but I've been renting mine for over 4 years and they just raised rent it's still a good deal
  8. by   nurse2bnoob101
    not bad. Could i expect to graduate with 70k in debt with housing, tuition, and food in consideration? Just a general ball park since I am comparing different program prices.
  9. by   LVNurse17
    I just graduated last week and if you have any questions, let me know! Roseman has a lot of pros and cons, but if I made it, anyone can
  10. by   nurse2bnoob101
    can you list the pros and cons? how much was overall cost including tuition and living expenses
  11. by   Jennyxjenx
    When are you taking the NCLEX?
  12. by   nurse2bnoob101
    what was the guy to girl ratio in your class?
  13. by   LVNurse17
    I'm taking NCLEX November 29. Graduated November 4 so it's pretty close'
  14. by   LVNurse17
    There were about 10 guys in our cohort of 57 total. I heard this was a pretty good ratio compared to the other Roseman cohorts

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