Working while in nursing school

  1. I would liketo know if anyone is working or did work while they were/are in nursing school. How man hours a week? Do you have kids too? Which NS program? PT or FT track? Was it hard or not as bad as you expected? Any other thoughts or advice is welcome. Thanks!

    I have 2 small kids & am not sure which program (CSN or NSC) & FT/PT to apply to. The FT track @ CSN is less credits than the FT @ NSC... Also I'm not working now, but will have to start before NS anyway... So should I plan on PT or FT work. I want to hear others experiences with this.
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  3. by   lolaviex
    I don't have any experience yet, but I'll be starting the RN program at CSN this fall. I got accepted to the Full Time track and I will have to work the entire time, about 36 hours a week. I'm lucky to have a boss who is flexible with my schedule and no kids but it will still be demanding. I can let you know how it goes first semester
  4. by   Tree5981
    I am working full time and in the PT program and I am able to manage my time pretty well. But I don't have kids. I did hear that the amount of people applyiing for PT this time around for Fall was overwhelming. (about 200 people for PT). And then I heard that not enough spots were filled for FT. So I would keep that in mind when you are applying. There are people that are in the FT program that work as well so it seems to be do-able. I think its a matter of how well you manage your time.
  5. by   CaliJessXoxo
    @Tree-which school, CSN? thank you for your insight! Sounds like it is doable. Crazy competition now huh?!

    **anyone** I wonder if NSC's PT is getting more competitive or if it is less comp than the FT-have u or anyone heard anything on this recently?
  6. by   Tree5981
    Yes at CSN. Yeah it seems to be extremely competetive now. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with this horrible economy. Everyone is going back to school now Well good luck and I hope you get in!
  7. by   CaliJessXoxo
    @Tree Thank you! Do u know anything about NSC's competitiveness?
  8. by   Tree5981
    No i don't, I'm sorry