Wondering about different nursing positions

  1. HI Everyone!! I just got accepted to UNLV BSN program for summer '05! I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on different positions for RN's....like hospital vs. private practices. I've been told you should "get your feet wet" in a hospital for a few years, and then move on to something else. Any suggestions/opinions??
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  3. by   fluffwad
    1. don't worry about it just yet.....wait and see what areas of nursing you like first. i thought i'd like psych until i did my psych rotation.
    2. once you've graduated it would be better for you to get a job where you can use/ establish a lot of your skills and will have other more experiened people to learn from. what you learn in school is only the beginning.
    3. do not take an office / desk / managerial job for your first ever nursing job. i'd stay away from agency work too.
  4. by   indynurse#2
    congratulations on getting into nursing school! just a few thoughts for ya - i agree that you shouldn't worry about it quite yet. i graduted with my bsn in 2003 - and my mind changed about what i wanted to do with each semester of school. i would agree that it's a good idea to get some hospital experience first off. it gives you the base you need to go pretty much anywhere you want with this career! good luck - you have a lot of hard work, but some good times ahead of you the next few years. enjoy