1. Hi All,
    I was just wondering what everyone thought about volunteering in Reno during nursing school? Is it really worth it? Also, if any worked while in the nursing program (which I'm sure many of you did), I'd love input on that as well!
    I don't plan on working during nursing school, but I thought about maybe volunteering and was wondering if that gives you any benefit?
    Thanks for any of your thoughts!
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  3. by   kamillew
    Hello. I'm also a pre-nursing student at UNR. I was also looking for volunteer work. I've heard that during clinicals, we will have to dedicate to volunteer hours. I think it would be ideal to have some experience in a healthcare related environment.
  4. by   Medwynn
    There is always a benefit to volunteering your time . I worked during nursing school doing per diem CNA work and eventually landed a nurse apprentice gig in the Renown CIC.

    If you are thinking of doing it and it won't interfere with your studies then it will be worthwhile.