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  1. My BF and I will be moving to Las Vegas (along with my 4 year old daughter), in July and we're beginning our apartment hunt. He's lived there before, so he has an idea of the area we're looking at. I was just wondering if anyone out there has any apartment recomendations. We're looking for a 2br, would like a washer and dryer, and don't want to spend much more that $725/mo (starving college students ). Also, I'd like it to be somewhat close to UNLV (within 15 min drive). So far we've looked into The Orchid on N Rainbow, San Michele on I think Lake Mead, and The Ritz S Jones. If anyone has any info on these places, or any other ideas I would be really grateful. I'm driving my bf crazy with all this, :chuckle . We're moving from out of state (which he's done twice in his adult life, me never), and he keeps telling me to relax, and that it will all turn out fine. Unforunately I'm a little obsessive :imbar , and like to plan things meticulously.

    Any-hoo thanks for your help.

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  3. by   Paleobug
    I would stay away from any apartments that are within walking distance from UNLV. The area around it on Maryland Pkwy is not a good area, and the apartments there are primarily for single adult students.

    There are plenty of nice and affordable apartments in Vegas. I would try the ones on Flamingo and Tropicana streets. These streets are within a 10 minute drive to UNLV. When you get here, I would first pick up an apartment guide at any grocery store. This will give you the prices and locations around town. Good Luck!
  4. by   Hawaii2LasVegas
    Stay away from the UNLv area