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Hello All! Has anyone on here applied to the ABSN at USN for the July 2011 cohort? I applied a few weeks ago, and I am just waiting to hear when my interview date will be. Just curious if anyone... Read More

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    thank you!
    Will do..... :-)
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    I am applying for the October cohort 2012! Did you find out if USN ABSN students can come back to Cali and take the NCLEX and license here? Is USN Roseman accredited and approves by CA board?
    Please get back at me anyone if you know...Im a California resident and I want to be sure also if I can come back and work her...thank you so much!
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    Hi Tex,
    Im a new member on this site and I can't PM yet so I was wondering if you can please update me about the Roseman it nationally accredited..meaning can I come back to Cali after graduation and work out here. Is the license transferrable?
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    you started with 42 and now 19? Wow! That must show how difficult the program is. Can you please help me and update me with some of your knowledge about the program?? please and than considering the oct. cohort but I feel like I need to gather all my information before I make a final move I can't PM yet because I have less that 15 posts but please reply back to this. THank you!
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    Yes, you can take the NCLEX in Cali. Most of my cohort is from Cali and will return there. After graduation, just apply to take the test in Cali so you won't have to endorse into Cali, unless you want to be licensed in NV too.
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    Yes, the ABSN program is more than tough. You must be a "self-learner" and a good test taker in the ABSN program. The program has been a "work in progress" with a lot of inconsistencies and not always "pro-student." Many times it has boiled down to pure luck in what questions were "tossed" on exams and which ones were kept. So if you are intent on coming to Roseman, I would suggest the BSN program (18 months) rather than the 14 month program. You would have more time to digest the material with actual classroom instructors and more time for remediation of exams if necessary.
    If you have any specific questions, please let me know.

    Best regards,
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    HI Tex201!

    Thank you so much for your time and advices...their very helpful. As far as the online courses; how is it structured? I've never taken an online class and was wondering if its like learning chapters of a book where the exam is based on materials from ch.1-ch.6 for example or are they purely based on information given on a specific class website? Can potential future USN students sit in for lecture-lab and get a sense of the everything? Im really opting for the BSN program...are you done with the program? If so, how soon did you get hired and what is the actual process of becoming an official nurse? How is the program treating you so far? DO hospitals look at your transcripts from ABSN program? Do they give priority to other more competitive nursing schools? and last question I swear...did USN provide you with fin aid? If it a lot or too little? I just spoke with a USN counselor and she asked me if I have the kind of money to pay for it...I felt awkward after she asked...

    Thank you so much for your time Tex201. Your an awesome person cause I havent gotten any replies for my other posts yet lol. But than you so much for your time and kindness to share very insightful thoughts with me! Thank you so much again Tex201!
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    Hi Neomi,
    I will try to hit all your questions, if I miss something, let me know. To begin with, I was under the assumption that our online "lectures" would be perhaps lectures taken from an actual class and taped, or an instructor giving a lecture regarding the textbook material to clarify the material...WRONG with capital letters! The online so called "lectures" have been anything but standard lectures. For the first several blocks, they consisted of someone reading directly from the book and then saying, if we needed further clarification to read the book! No the book! Never thought about that!! So most of us gave up watching the so called lectures and used the time to read and study on our own.

    Some of the later blocks have more helpful "lectures" but still not the caliber of an actual "in class" lecture. The ABSN program has some blocks that have so much information to cover that if you read and study 24/7 you still could not possibly get through all the pharmacology taught with only 9 study days. Try to learn that much very important stuff in 9 days!!! Even the instructors realized it was impossible to read several books and go through all the videos, so they would often give their advise as to how to get through the most pertinent material prior to the exams.

    More often than not, the study guides and "reviews" offered by the faculty were not that helpful in knowing what areas to concentrate your focus on in the various blocks. Most of the time when we were told certain things were important, they weren't, and other obscure facts were on the it's best to study everything and realize that their direction was often mis-direction. You would just have to find out what worked best for you individually and everyone developed their own system and did group study guides to help each other as much as possible.

    I think it would probably be possible to sit in on a BSN class if you contacted the administration. It seems that Roseman Students have good job opportunities in Las Vegas as they are all 4.0 graduates. Not sure about jobs in's always best to network with anyone you might know working in nursing and they can often tell you about openings and who to contact. Also there is a facebook group of Cali Nurses and students that are helping post undated infor on jobs and training for new nurses etc.

    I have about 4 months to go in the ABSN program. I am really looking forward to finishing and getting onto job hunting in Cali.

    I don't see how anyone could go through this program and work....impossible!!! So don't feel bad about the money.... Not to mention that this is about a $85K program! I received students loans. The school does not really help you apply or where to apply. You will have to fill out the federal FASFA form and then decide who else you want to apply with. You will get funds from the Fed Loans and the rest from other lenders. After researching companies online, I found that Sallie Mae was the easiest one for me to use (there are others...and if you can get a co-signer the interest rates will be lower). Sallie Mae allows for your co-signer to be dropped if you make on time payments for 2 years. Others vary.

    Since both programs (ABSN and BSN) are longer than 1 year, you will have to do this 2 times. The school then gets the money every quarter, and then gives you what is left after tuition is paid. I found that it gets a little tight between disbursements as the funds barely cover everything you need, but it's doeable. You may need a family member to help you out a little if you run short...or eat lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..LOL

    One word about roommates, be careful, if your roomates don't make it in the program, you will be left with a lease all by yourself! I don't have a roommate and am sooo thankful. Rent here is still cheaper than in Los Angeles and you get a lot more for your money!

    Well, I think that's about it ..... anything else...let me know!
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    Quote from Tex201
    So don't feel bad about the money.... Not to mention that this is about a $85K program!
    website info says everything costs about $50,000
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    [color=#2f4f4f]hi confuzhn!

    i don't know if the website includes money needed for room and board and other personal expenses. if you have funds to live on, then of course your loan amounts wouldn't be as high. i just know that my loan totals for the 14 month program to date are right at 85k...

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    Hi Confuzhn!

    I don't know if the website includes money needed for room and board and other personal expenses. If you have funds to live on, then of course your loan amounts wouldn't be as high. I just know that my loan totals for the 14 month program to date are right at 85K...

    I see. Ok. That makes the program even more expensive!!
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    Hi all,

    I'm flying out for the interview next Wednesday and I was REALLY excited about it until reading the previous comments!

    I'm a little nervous about this program - it's not so much the workload because I can put in the hours! My main concern is that if I do have questions, is there help available? I know one person mentioned heading up to the main campus and asking for help there, but is there any other help available?

    Additionally, some of you mentioned that the program goes so fast that you are unable to fully grasp the concepts and it's out of pure luck that you pass! Can you give me an idea of a typical week in the program? I went through an accelerated program for my 1st bachelor's and I was successful while working full time. Prior to reading these comments, I believed that if I do nothing but eat, sleep and breathe this program-I should be fine. I am absolutely dedicated to doing well in this program but some of the posts make it sound like its essentially impossible to learn anything in this program. I could be misinterpreting your postings so I do apologize! I'd really just like to get an idea of what I could be getting myself into!

    Also-if I am accepted to the October '12 cohort, I'll need a roommate! Let me know if you are interested!

    Thank you,

  13. by   Tex201
    Hi Ashley,
    Don't mean to burst your bubble, but I feel that everyone deserves honest answers to their questions so they can make an educated decision. If I had received factual answers to my questions, I probably would have gone some place else. But we only found out how everything really worked after leaving our lives, signing apartment leases and taking out student loans and woke up in an environment that we never imagined existed.

    We all have at least one degree before coming here and we were all prepared for the usual read, study hard and be a hermit for 14 months and we can do it! Just realize that you must be good at teaching yourself and taking exams. Even then, you will experience exams and questions that will leave you pulling your hair out even after studying 24/7. The stress is tremendous and no one ever feels like they are "safe" because they studied so much. (The administration keeps saying things are much better now and that there is always help available.......but then you won't realize you need help until after you get an 89% on an exam and fail.) This is not to scare you, but to let you know that it isn't your typical school, tests or stress levels.... it's just not.

    Each Block is different in length. You will do 2-3 weeks of didactics. During that time you will have a mid-term and a final plus labs, (labs are on campus). Lab skills are practiced and "taped" and turned in to be reviewed and graded as well. If the lab skills are not passed, then you must do a "re-taping" of those skills, which will require another day on campus. Clinical rounds are scheduled after the final.

    There is one remediation day for anyone who did not pass the mid-term &/or final. If a person does not pass either the mid-term or the final on remediation they are dropped from the program. They can then decide if they want to wait for the next cohort (behind them) to take that Block again with them or go to another school. If that person decides to try again with another cohort and they fail to pass another Block then they are out and can not come back.

    The clinical rotations are usually 3 weeks but some are 2 or 4. These are 3 days a week for 12 hours/day. The days and hospitals change with each Block and so do the clinical instructors.

    You are also required to do daily posting online on various topics in each Block. There will be some group projects as well...these vary from Block to Block. Every Block is different and has different challenges. Everyone settles into a study routine that works best for them and their learning styles.

    Anything is possible, so just keep your chin up and go with your gut. We have 40% of our original cohort with us and we intend on finishing whatever it takes.

    If you have any specific questions, post them.

    Best wishes!!!