UNLV Spring 2011

  1. Just took my Hesi today, and it looks like I'll be applying for the UNLV nursing program for Spring 2011. Just wanted to see who else on allnurses will be applying with me, and have a place to put questions, comments, tips, and such.
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  3. by   puppies1123
    well im trying to consider what i should do. I will be able to apply to csn before unlv so if i find out i got accepted there i dont know if i should continue towards unlv classes. I should just grab whoever accepts me first. Was the Hesi a hard test. I know csn accepts lower scores but was it hard to pass yours? obviously your either in the program now or not but how is it so far?
  4. by   chanziee
    Yeah, how's the the program at UNLV so far? I'm hoping to start the program in the summer.
  5. by   JacobK
    @puppies1123: The Hesi wasn't particularly hard, and it is very easy to get the minimum scores required. However, the scores are a big part of your acceptance points so you need to do well to have a chance at getting in: http://nursing.unlv.edu/pdf/bsn%20pd...heet_08-09.pdf
    ALL the programs in Las Vegas are extremely competitive, and are likely to be more so now that the Touro Spring 2011 class has been completely canceled. I would accept admission to CSN if you do get in, you can always do RN to BSN after. That was my original plan but I somehow got into UNLV on my first application after being rejected from CSN twice.

    @Chanziee: I'm only in my 3rd week of the program so I can't really comment on its quality. So far the instructors seem extremely knowledgeable, we have had a lot of skills and information thrown our way in a short amount of time. Maybe after I've been in a little longer I can comment more.
  6. by   puppies1123
    Wow they canceled the Touro class. Why?
  7. by   stitch702
    They had a very low NCLEX pass rate from one of their graduating classes a few semesters back. From what I hear the Dean resigned and they are taking time to restructure their program. At least that what someone from the third semester at Touro told me
  8. by   vegasmomma
    So JacobK, is it still too soon to give your opinions on UNLV? I plan on starting this Fall.
  9. by   JacobK
    I still have a month before my first semester is done. So far so good. Classes are hard, but that should be expected. So far we have only lost 2 students, out of 48. Instructors are very good, especially my clinical instructor, but also very strict. I'll probably have more info at the end of this month when finals are passed.
  10. by   vegasmomma
    Where does UNLV offer clinicals? Do you get to choose a hospital and can you choose the area of specialty?

    In your courses you just completed, what was hardest or toughest parts? Do you do lots of class presentations and group projects?
  11. by   JacobK
    Time for an update, first semester is done. I passed, about 1/5th the class didn't, most of them were people working, had little kids, or both. Overall the instructors were pretty excellent, but they are very strict about deadlines, cutoffs and punctuality(don't be late or miss a class, 2 times and you're out of the program). You learn a lot in 15 weeks and you can't fall behind.

    My Level 1 clinicals were offered at Kindred, St. Rose Sienna, St. Rose San Martin, UMC and Desert Springs, I believe that Summerlin hospital is also being used for summer level 1s right now. You don't get to choose your hospital with the exception of UMC and Desert Springs, but only if you chose them as home hospital, which means you spend all 4 semesters of clinicals at only Desert Springs or UMC, spots usually fill up quick.

    You don't get to choose a specialty until 4th semester when you do your preceptorship clinicals. 1st semester your on a med-surg floor, 2nd your on an IMC floor, don't know about 3rd yet, and 4th you try to get the specialty floor you want.

    To me the toughest parts were Pharmacology class, and Medication and Injection competencies. Most people really struggled with the fundamentals course, though to me it was the easiest. In first level you only have one group project, a culture poster, which is Pass or Fail, and no presentations. However in second semester you have 2 or 3.
  12. by   pcornwell
    Hi Jacob,

    I was wondering if you would clarify the statement about 1/5th of the students not passing. I am understanding it to mean out of 48 students 20% (about 9 people) already flunked out of the program after the first semester? Is that true?

    Thank you.
  13. by   JacobK
    I believe the final count was 11 out of 48 did not proceed to the second semester. 1 or 2 were people who passed their classes and simply decided not to return. The rest did not pass at least one class, most are still in the program, but are having to repeat the first semester.
  14. by   pcornwell
    I am shocked so many people did not do well especially since the GPA and Hesi scores are increasing each semester in order to enter to the program. Was the main cause really they had children and work or did the students not receive significant support from the school?

    Thanks for your input.