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  1. Help! I am taking a test on Friday for a cardiac monitor tech position at UMC in Las Vegas. I really need this job! I am a nursing student and need to work to care for my family while i'm in nursing school. I just need some insight as to how the test is given, is it multiple choice? is it fill in the blank? will there be other questions other than interpreting ECG rhythms? Any insight at all is appreciated!
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  3. by   Nurse Beth
    Every hospital has its own version of their Arrhythmia Test or competency, because it's not standardized. My hospital has fill in the blank interpretation, and some questions also include measurements (PRI, QRS, QT, rate).

    Usually there are not trick questions, but be sure and know the norms for all your measurements, and be able to recognize each arrhythmia. Hopefully you took a course in the past, so do some practice strips to refresh.
  4. by   babygenesis2009
    well I took the test on friday, and I think I did pretty well. Gotta wait and see if it leads to an interview, I really hope it does! My status on my application now says "pass". I don't know if that means I passed the test, or if it means they are passing on me....I guess I will see.
  5. by   manresa2907
    Hi I am taking the test too next week. I know it has been a long time but I have your same questions. How did you do on the test? Did they hire you? If you don't mind me asking. I hope school and work are going great for you. Thanks