Roseman University ABSN - Change, Growth and Learn

  1. I wanted to create this topic to shed a new light to Roseman University. I am posting this coming from someone who was a skeptic to a (now) student of Roseman University. My goal is to give a perspective into the life of being a Nursing student, as well as my journey through out the nursing program of Roseman. I got accepted to program beginning of febuary 2016. Right now, our cohort are in block 5 out of 16 blocks (I will expand on this below but basically a block is one class). I am speaking entirely about the ABSN program (Henderson) and not the BSN program or the ABSN program in South Jordan.

    Disclaimer: My post is entirely my opinion and is not a reflection of the alumni, my peers or the school. However, Many of what I will say are widely shared by my cohort.

    Table of contents
    • Past
    • Changes
    • School system
    • Online system (Didactic)
    • Life as a student
    • Living in Henderson
    • Clinicals (to be added)
    • Guide to each block (to be added)
    • Professors guide (to be added)
    • additional comments

    Like many of you, I went to to get a student's perspective regarding the school prior to attending. I came across the topic:
    "Roseman University ABSN (didactic online)"
    Here is the link:

    You can take the time to read through it if you have not done so, as it gives you a past history of students that have gone through the old system. To summarize, the older ABSN program had numerous problems regarding the prior Dean, terrible professors, and a broken system that prevented student from learning, passing, and graduating.


    Fast forward to Feb 2016, and I can honestly say that the program mentioned before is nothing to what it is today. Although its hard to give a true reflection of the changes, I can note some that I have noticed. (I will add to this as I continue to the program)

    • The school have provided a Super remediation that enabled students a 3rd chance to pass the block/course
    • There is a NEW Dean, who have drastically changed the philosophy of the program to become more mindful on the opinion of the students.
    • Based on the Dean's orientation. Many of the professors that were terrible were removed and are replaced. Some professors from the BSN program have been moved to teach the ABSN program. the professor so far that we have had are caring, passionate and ready to help.

    ABSN System
    The program is not a traditional Nursing program. It is not a quarter or semester system. The program is set up in a way that you are taking one course a time called, blocks. There is a total of 16 blocks lasting 16 months. each block last between 2 weeks to 6 weeks (as far as I know). therefore, throughout the program you are focusing at one course a time. However, each block is very fast paced. To give a perspective, our pharmacology class taken at block 4 is less than 2 weeks long but encompasses the whole body system (trust me when I say this, its a lot!). Be prepared to study. Based on our experience so far, the amount of study we put in, reflects the grade we get.

    The program is primarily online. Assignments, quizes, projects, and group collaborations are completed online. Anything that will need to be submitted to professors will more than likely be online. Despite this, you will have to move Here to Vegas due to labs, clinical experience, final exams and some requirements requires you to be physically in Vegas. Is it doable to just fly here on the required days? In my opinion, this is very doable but may end up being more costly than just living here. 16 months is not very long.

    Living in Vegas/Henderson

    Living in Henderson is not like living in the strip of Vegas. Its suburban, clean and pretty low-key. If the issue is focusing in school, you shouldnt have a problem with that here. It is generally safe here in Henderson, nothing like North Las Vegas (thankfully thats far from henderson). The city is located roughly 15-20 minutes from the strip. So party goers will definetly have a good time here. If you eat out a lot, you will run out of money fast, many restuarants are pricey, especially if you are going to the 4 and above stars in yelp. Cost of living here is cheap so if cost is an issue, I guarantee you it wont be so bad. To give an example, I am living with 2 other roomates who are in the same program as me and our total rent is 1535. my portion is $439 + utilities. There are awsome hiking spots close by: Red rock and Mt. charleston.
    Things I like:
    • So much to do! So many places to eat! You will never be bored here!
    • the Strip

    Things I dont like about living here:
    • The weather here is wierd. you can wake up with a windy morning, then go to lunch perfectly sunny and cool, then go to sleep with thunders and rain.
    • Theres no beaches (I love beaches)
    • There are some terrible drivers out here, please be careful.

    Student life

    How is it being a student in Roseman University living in Henderson? Well its going to go something like this. You are going to end up meeting different people from different backgrounds in your cohort. You are going to make friends almost immediately beginning with your interview and orientation. From monday to thursday, you are going to study extremely hard because you want to learn and be the best nurse you can be. You are going to depend on your classmates and they will do the same to you. They will become your family away from home. They are going to be your shoulder when things get hard. You are going to be mentally exhuasted. Then from friday to sunday you are going to relax. You may decide to go to the bars to drink with your new found friends on friday, go clubbing ( if you are into that) on saterday and relax on sunday. Then on finals, week you are going to be studying so hard that you only have 4-6 hours sleep a night. But since you worked hard along with your cohort, everyone passes the block and most of your cohort will celebrate. From time to time (once and month or couple of months) you are going to fly or drive home to visit your family. You will tell them what you have learned and how life in henderson is different from what they think it is. Then you are going to go back to henderson, ready to repeat the process again. Nursing school is difficult because of the amount of material you have to absorb. So study hard like there is no tomorrow. However, Roseman ABSN program is set up in a way that if you work hard and pass your exams, you have extra days you can relax. take those times to truly relax and unwind.

    Additional comments
    I am now currently on Block 5. I will be continuing to update this as I progress through the program. I will also be checking this post for questions or comments throughout the time I will be in the program so dont hesistate to ask.
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  3. by   Viktorijac5
    Hi your post is great, but I did the Teas and I only got 33%. Do u think I should retake it? Do u think that this is better school than Chamberlin and why? Thanks please help m with my school choice
  4. by   soguilk
    Yes you need to retake the TEAS test. from what i know, the TEAS test requirement to get in isnt ridiculously high compared to state colleges in California. I can't attest to how Chamberlin is like sorry though. All i can say is that out of 43 people in our cohort here in Roseman, so far, No one have mentioned anything severely negative about the program. likewise, all 43 of us are still in the program passing (currently block 5 out of 16). The professors have shown that they want us to pass. They are supportive and truly want us to become good nurses. One thing I want you to be aware of, like all nursing schools, Roseman isn't walk in the park. I can attest that we all spend UP TO 10 hours a day studying, especially on exam weeks. I hope I answered your question, let me know if you have any other question.
  5. by   Bria8
    I'm glad to hear things are changing! I'm looking to start here in October or next February at the latest. Would you recommend not working while attending this program?
  6. by   Viktorijac5
    Also are this program still doable if u have kids? Thanks
  7. by   soguilk
    There are two or three people from my cohort that tried working but eventually had to quit there job. There are also several people that are still working (all are part time, less than 20-30 hours per week) and are doing well in the program. In my opinion, It will largely depend on your study habit, how well you can retain material quickly and hospital experience you had prior to getting into the program. If you have some hospital experience (LVN, LPN, CNA, etc) you will do relatively well during the early blocks while working.
  8. by   soguilk
    In my opinion, Yes! the age group in our cohort range from 20s to few 40s. I know of at least two of my classmates that have kids and have passed each block so far without retaking exams. I will highly suggest that you set a good amount of time a day for studying.
  9. by   matiny10
    I am really interested hearing about your experience as an ABSN student at Roseman. I was reading the posts on all nurses from 2012, but it looks like the program has been through many changes. It seems so terrifying and discouraging that I wanted to change to the BSN program. I was wondering if I can email you to ask more questions. Thank you.
  10. by   soguilk
    Hey, Matiny10

    I can understand where you are coming from. I've been there prior to admission to the ABSN program. I read it and expected the worse. Is the program perfect? far from it! However, most of us if not all of us will say that this program is not as bad as most people says it is.

    But if you are admitted to the ABSN program there are a few things that I want you to keep in mind prior to admission.

    #1 lectures are primarily online, so be prepared to be able to independently study on your own or go in study groups. Your cohort is your bread and butter for information.

    #2 In the beginning you are going to over study on the first few blocks because you are still adjusting. This is good for both health assessment and fundamentals because those are good foundation courses. Over-studying on these blocks will enable you to feel confident on your first clinicals (which is not that long upon starting the program).

    #3 the professors (so far) have been very fair on guiding you to what you need to know for the final exams on each block. Everything that is provided for you, should be enough to pass each block up to block 1-5.

    #4 this will help you in block exams and in general to understand Nursing. FOCUS ON WHAT NURSES HAVE TO DO. Not so much on what physicians have to do.

    #5 Have the mentality that nursing is profession that you truly desire. I believe that you have to want to make a difference in small ways for the world or help save people. If money is your main motivation, any nursing school will feel overwhelming and difficult.

    if you have any questions you can email me at
  11. by   ger_bearr
    Just got accepted into the ABSN program! I'm more of a traditional classroom learner, so I actually applied to both programs, but just attended the interview session meant for the ABSN program. I called to find out the status of my application for the traditional program and was told to secure my ABSN spot and that I'd find out on June 13 if a spot is available for the traditional program.... at which point, I would have to make a decision whether or not to stay ABSN or to transfer to traditional.

    But I'm glad to hear that the program has improved! If given the choice, I think I'd still choose the traditional, but if I have to go the accelerated route, then I think I can do it. Just gotta discipline myself, utilize my resources and study hard!
  12. by   Viktorijac5
    I'm very happy for you, I have to retake the Teas on June 1. Are second Teas is harder than the first one? And where u apply in Vegas or Salt Lake?
  13. by   ger_bearr
    I applied to the Vegas location. Where are you trying to apply?
    I'm pretty sure the TEAS should be easier, if not equally as challenging as your first attempt.... This is given that you reviewed your weak points from your first attempt.
    I only took the TEAS once, but my guess is that the overall concepts are the same, just different question. If you have time, I recommend the ATI TEAS review book, I just used that to study and found that it was very similar to the actual TEAS test questions. Good luck!
  14. by   Viktorijac5
    Thanks I will apply today in Vegas campus for the regular track they told m that the dead line to apply is May 31. Whish m luck for Teas