Relocating to Las Vegas

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am looking for some help on relocation to Las Vegas. I have visited the city many times and am very familiar with the Henderson area. My boyfriend has a job interview on July 21st in another field. While I have no applied for any positions yet do you think it would be worth while to fly out with him ($700 flight) and hope I have an interview with someone by then? Any suggestions on places to apply or to stay away from? I have read that hospitals in the area often toss applications from out of state applicants. How can I avoid this when I am very serious about relocating?

    I currently work for a healthcare system in Pennsylvania. My role is a Charge Nurse, and a member of my hospitals Career Enhancement Program, which is designed to develop my skills towards a more managerial responsibility. I am currently working within an in-patient Oncology/Med Surg department, but am aspiring to earn my Master's Degree, and grow into an administrative role.

    Can anyone offer help and or advice on relocating and the job process? For those of you who have been recently employed in the area what can you tell me about your experience?

    I really appreciate any advice someone can give!
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  3. by   vegasmomma
    Its hard to say, with your experience you could standout from the rest of the crowds of unemployed here. All I hear lately seems to be negative with not so much as an interview unless someone you know refers you. My best advice is to apply for as many positions as you can and wait for the response. Also, when you come with your boyfriend walk into some places and ask about hiring etc.