Re-applying for Nevada RN Interim Permit for 2nd time

  1. Okay so last July 2016, I applied for licensure by ENDORSEMENT of my Florida RN license for Nevada BON. I did complied with all the requirements except I did not take any english test like TOEFL/IELTS/PTE.

    NV BON replied that I can waive my english proficiency if I work as a nurse for 5 years which is, this year will be my 5th year as working licensed nurse (LVN) here in California. I am IEN who got denied that's why I have 2 nursing licenses in different states.

    Then, NV BON also mentioned to my letter that they will issue an INTERIM PERMIT as RN and good for 6 months and I need to get my permanent license within that time frame. BUT!! I never received my interim permit, even in their website my name was there and no interim permit was noted.

    I did not followed up with them because I moved to different city here in cali with family, got busy to work and I kinda ignored my Nevada dream as RN that moment.

    So this 2018, I decided that I feel like, I wanna work in Nevada instead to Florida. My question,

    -Can I appeal for another interim permit but my application was way back 2016 tho, am I going to start all over again for application process?

    -How am I gonna ask or email the NV BON to tell them that I did not receive my interim permit before?

    -Do NV hire RN with interim permits?

    Please I need advices. Thank you!
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  3. by   Issah2016
    Hello Nursefromcali! Good day! I'm also in the process of endorsing my FL license to NV. Their instructions/policies states "One temporary license may be issued when the appropriate criteria has been met. It is valid for six months and cannot be renewed. If you obtain a temporary license, but do not complete the licensure process, you will not be eligible for another temporary license again in the future." You should give them a call and see if they will issue you another temporary license since you didn't receive yours.

    I'm also processing my CGFNS-CES since I am an international nurse. Also, I will be taking my TOEFL since I work <5 years in the US. I was just wondering if you have an idea how long the whole process takes. I already did my livescan in Reno, NV and submitted my application. Hope to hear from you.