Question about Re Taking class!

  1. Ok, so I'm retaking math 100b and i'm not doing too good w/ the online course! So my question is if i get a lower grade then my 1st time taking it, will they accept my higher grade? I did sooo much better in thec class room itself!
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  3. by   GeminiQueen
    they will take the highest grade you get and apply it.

    if you go to csn's website and go to the health sciences page, click on the limited entry application and go to the second page. it reads:

    7. all other program specific documentation listed on the advisement sheet.
    all final grades and number of credits for courses being considered for admission must appear on an official ccsn dars report and be posted in
    the ccsn academic record system on or before the application/completion deadline. if any of the above is not in the file, the file may not be
    considered. prerequisite courses may be repeated twice. if a prerequisite course has been taken 3 or more times, the highest of the first three
    grades and/or withdrawals that appear in sis and/or dars will be used for g.p.a. computation. this rule does not apply to science courses
    older than seven years. if a student has more than one withdrawal prior to july 1, 2007, then only one withdrawal will be counted towards the
    three attempts.
  4. by   TnKzMom
    Thank you Gemini! I thought that is how it goes..I passed it the first time, Just wanted to re fresh myself and also have help getting a better GPA, w/ more classes instead of A & P 2