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I just spoke with the RN to Bsn advisor because I was unable to register online for a math class . I was told that I couldn't register for Math 120 because I needed Elementary Algebra 1 AND... Read More

  1. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    Hi. Did you take 124 online at CSN? Did you place into it via the placement test? I am still plugging at my classes at NSC. I still need to take the math, stats then nursing research and all must be taken in that order. I am taking the community nursing class and informatics at NSC in the Fall and hopefully Math 124 then I will just have psych 210 stats and the nursing research class then done .
  2. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    Quote from Cupcake89121
    I took 124 at CSN so I can't comment but I did take the req'd Stat course at NSC and it was very easy. I don't know if it was my teacher or what but I didn't open the book once. I got an A and I am NOT a math person. Anyway, good luck!
    I forgot to ask you, who was the instructor at NSC for the Stats Psych 210 class you took?
  3. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    Quote from puravidaLV
    just CLEP out of math to the level you need.
    If I thought it was that easy if I could just CLEP it I wouldn't be so worried about it .