mesa view hospital in mesquite, NV??

  1. does anybody know anything about this place or hospital? Particularly L&D? thanks,
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  3. by   cwishes
    Did clinicals there last semester and loved it. Everyone there was prof. and helpful and went out of their why to make you feel at home. In talking to the nurses there, they all had only great things to say about the hospital, management and each other. It is a smaller hospital in comparison to DRMS in St. George or the ones in Vegas however this allows the nurses in different units to help each other out if one units get overwhelmed (which is not very often). The RN to pt. ratio at that time was about 1:4 on med/sur floor and less than that on L&D. I've heard they will be expanding the L&D unit soon. I live about 45 min. from Mesquite and go there often to play. Love it there.