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  1. Looking at NV (in low violent crime area - rural or suburban near city) to move, work, and play (outside hike, swim, fish, camp - no golf though). We have (physically)grown adult kids. I have 22 years nursing including hospice and palliative care, Home Health, Acute (Medical) Rehab, and Neuro Surg experience. Maybe retire in 10-15 yrs in same area - or maybe a Walmart greeter someday . Any recommendations of areas to stay away from, to check out, and any other input is really appreciated. Pay is no big deal if compared to area cost-of-living.
    Thanks to you all-TR in Maine
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  3. by   Mercy65
    Just got back from Vegas, living in NJ and looking to move also. Stay away from North Las Vegas. We met with a realtor and checked out Henderson which I like easy highway access, but I love Summerlin it was close to Red Rock Canyon, it is getting built up but nice area great for outdoor activites. We are considering Adult Communities, both kids will be in college next year and they offer the activities and floor plan we like. Houses were being bought up quickly by investors, so we missed out on the cheap deals this past year but that's ok we won't be ready til next year.

    Our realtor is from Zip Realty he was very helpful and gave lots of info on relocation and housing market.

    Good Luck, maybe we will be moving at the same time, we can help each other out.
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