Las Vegas New Grad 2013 - 2014 Programs

  1. Hey everyone - Just want to start a new topic for upcoming NV RN programs. Does anyone have any info about upcoming programs besides St. Rose? How has your search been going? I've been searching since May and hope to land a spot soon. I applied for every open hospital position I qualify for, but have not had any luck...
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  3. by   Julieb3an
    I only know about st rose and sunrise JUST hired some people real quick. This is no fun looking for a job.
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  4. by   Keseratops
    Are you applying from in-state? I have applied for plenty of positions at Sunrise... Did they hire new grads? They Valley Hospital system hires new grads.... And yes, the continuous rejections are discouraging!
  5. by   emajenation
    i just saw one a few weeks ago on UMC...the postings come and go, but it was for L&D. not sure if still there.
  6. by   Keseratops
    Yeah I have applied for every new grad hospital job under the sun in NV. @ emajenation, did you interview w/ St. Rose? How was it? Are they still only taking 10 people?
  7. by   Kisabelle
    Im a recent graduate from another state with an ADN however I'm still pursuing my BSN. I also applied everywhere but no such luck! I'm scared to look at my emails because of the continuous rejection letter that I received. I wish they could tell me why I'm rejected so that I'll know what to work on. I feel so hopeless! I don't know whether I should look for a waitressing job just to supplement an income.
  8. by   Keseratops
    @ Kisabelle, you are not alone. I think getting a BSN may help with some hospitals. I get tired of rejections too. I think I am up to 100 plus applications for positions in NV alone. On top of that, trying to find a CNA job or just a foot in the door at a hospital has been hard as well... Keep us posted everyone, hopefully the market will turn around soon.
  9. by   emajenation
    Hi Keseratops, yes, I had interview with St. Rose. the whole process was so different as everything, aside from the interview itself, occurred over email (math and battery test, invitation to interview). I am not sure how many they took, I do know that some offers were made on Monday and interviews were the previous Friday. The interview was like what other thread shared - behavior and costumer service type questions.
  10. by   Kisabelle
    Just want to give everyone an update. I got an offer today to be a unit manager for a nursing and rehabilitation center. I know it's not my dream job but beggars can't be choosers.
  11. by   Keseratops
    A little late but.... Congratulations Kisabelle!! Glad to hear people getting jobs, and it seems good to get some managerial experience under your belt. Wish you the best. Even if it's not your first choice, it will provide a chance to learn...
  12. by   Julieb3an
    I got into UMC as a new grad. It can happen people! Just keep trying.
  13. by   sakygen
    Quote from Julieb3an
    I got into UMC as a new grad. It can happen people! Just keep trying.
    Congratulations! When do they usually hire New Grads at UMC? I tried applying to everything and I got frustrated and risked myself getting in an agency (they considered my prior RN experience in another country) and it worked well but I wouldn't recommend to everyone.
  14. by   nurse_pebbles
    sakygen do you alraedy have a license in nevada?