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  1. Hello, I am current enrolled in the Medical Assistant and X ray tech program at Kaplan College. I have interest in nursing and have not decided if I wanted to do their LPN or RN program when I am done with the MA program. Is there anyone else in Vegas going down the same road I am. I would like to make some friends to hang out with and do study sessions with. Let me know.
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    i am not in las vegas yet but hoping to be pretty soon. i am coming from fresno california and plan on applying for the nursing program at kaplan. i have read some of the post and i have seen that quite a bit of students are going for the lpn program at kaplan. i think it really just depend on you on which program to get into. have you spoke to an admissions advisor to get an idea of what the requirements are for each program?
  5. by   CostantinoA
    yes I have. They said I can get into either program. My test scores were good. I just have no medical background and don't want to jump in too fast. I was thinking LPN and that way I build more onto my Medical Assistant classes and then go RN. sorry it took me so long to reply. I did not know anyone replied. lol
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    no prop people are busy they dont always have time to be on here, especially when your in school, working, and have a family. either one would be good. thats i good idea to get know how the healthcare world works first and then see if you really want to do nursing. good luck with your med asst experience!!
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    Do you have any medical experience? What makes you want to come to Las Vegas?
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    yes i graduated from kaplan fresno 2 years ago. there is a whole lot more jobs a available for me and my family there than it is fresno. we have a family there that really want us to move out there. lv doesnt have a lot of nursing schools, but the ones here in cali are very full and lots of waiting list. i think i have a better chance of getting in and getting out in lv. overall we are really moving because of work.
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    Nice. Vegas has quiet a few nursing schools. Most of them require entrance exams and most I have noticed have gone away with the waiting lists. Like the Kaplan campus I attend right now, they have 3 starts per year and allow 40 students per start. If you do not make the 40 cut, then you have to re apply before the next start. Here is the most recent Approved schools for Nevada by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
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    Good!! i hate waiting list. i go to national university fresno right now for their nursing program and they require a TEAS test to be taken for their BSN program. Im wanting to go to kaplan in lv but i made 20 on my last wonderlic test so im taking it again maybe next week to try to get the 24. i didnt know they had 3 starts per year, that really good. i thought it was only two. thanks for the link im going to look at it now. btw how do you like your med asst program? do you know how long the rn program is at your school?
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    RN program is 18 months ASN.. Did you retake the wonderlic test?
  13. by   queen2bee
    yes, i did retake it and i got a 25 on it! i figured out what i was doing wrong on it lol. i have to go to the info session on may 11 and then i have to take the ktp next monday and then that tuesday i have an interview. i hope that some of the classes that i have taken already will transfer but i will know once i get there. thanks for asking!! everything going well with your program?