Las Vegas CNA/Unit Coord. jobs?

  1. Hi all,

    I am planning a move to Las Vegas in July/August and am wondering how hard it is likely to be for a brand new CNA with 0 medical experience (but 15+ years of tech support/help desk/training background) to land a Unit Coordinator job.

    I was accepted (like everybody is, I guess) but haven't registered for classes yet at CSN to finish gen eds and pre-reqs (pre-nursing).

    I have just passed a CNA class and haven't gotten the state cert. exam done yet but will have by the time I move out there. (And will have an application in for a NV endorsement, too.)

    On a scale of 0=hopeless; look for LTC CNA work or tech work and have a backup plan to live on for 6 months-or so
    to 10=doable if I interview well...

    What do you think?? My friends that live out there are concerned it's going to take me forever to get a job of any kind, and that if I don't have one lined up before I come out, I'm going to eat through all my (not very big) savings and wind up broke and homeless. lol (They are much less optimistic types than I am, but I also know optimism doesn't pay the bills.)

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  3. by   unemployed CNA
    I finished an became a CNA May 2010 an have yet to find a job due to not having experience. It's really hard out here right now
  4. by   Optimom
    As a brand new CNA, it took only 2 weeks for me to find a job at a LTC because I knew somebody at the facility. I left applications at other hospitals/LTCs at the same time and the first one called for an interview was 4 months after I landed on the job. It can be hard if you don't have any connection, but you will find something eventually.
  5. by   vegasmomma
    That seems to be the norm here in Vegas that to get an interview you need to be referred by someone.
  6. by   msmo
    Thanks for the feedback, all. I will keep after the HR people I guess and keep looking for any type of work I can get in the meantime.