Help! Need student loans!!

  1. Hi, I am planning on coming back to UNLV in the fall of 08 and I may not have a choice but to work full time for the program, my credit is not horrible but it's not immaculate enough to get a private loan in an amount enough to cover all my living expenses on top of my tuition. Can anyone reccommend a private loan company that is pretty lenient on credit history where i can get approved for that amount? I even tried sallie mae for the school i'm at now and i couldn't get anything, i'm taking out fed loans at the moment but i don't think they're gonna wanna give me 15K a semester, or will they? Anyone advise, thanks.
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  3. by   MikeyJ
    This is the kind of question to ask a financial aid officer. Alot of your questions that are posted should truly be directed at the school itself. If I personally want accurate information, I always go to the schools website or call them. I think it helps with contradicting information people tend to give out.

    In regards to your question, I would first make an appointment to sit down with a financial aid specialist (considering they are experts in student aid and could give you a ton more information than on this site) and secondly, contact all of the private loan companies you can find and ask them about their student loans.

    I personally go through Citi Bank ( and they are absolutely WONDERFUL. I really enjoy taking out my student loans with them -- their process if very quick and easy. I personally have my father co-sign considering I am only 22 and doubt I could get a company to give me a total of $40,000 in student loans over a 4 year period. That is on top of my federal loans. Eeek!