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Hey guys! So today was the orientation for CSN Fall 2009 nursing. Sigh. I left feeling scared and a little sad to be honest. First of all I was told by a few people including a professor that I... Read More

  1. by   tmgsn

    Hey thanks for your support! I do not know how to pm. How? But honestly, tell me not of the professors, it will make me edgy. I got who I got and there is nothing I can do to change them! Now, 2nd semester may be different. Is it? Lottery again?
  2. by   Lo-Lo-Lonkey

    I completely agree that we are being taken advantage of. We are not only required to purchase the $761 bundle of books, we are also required to purchase three additional REQUIRED books listed on the second page. This will bring our grand total to over a whopping $1000. There is also an additional list of 13 recommended learning materials.

    Then we have to factor in ATI testing $109, Drug testing $29, Uniforms with proper socks and footwear $200, Immunizations $325, Physical exam $95, and our background investigation $50.

    Trust me, I am feeling your pain, too. I was particularly overwhelmed when I learned that according to financial aid our first semester is only considered part-time (according to the nursing program you are full-time). What that means is you get half of the financial aid that you actually need to survive.

    Now for a little positivity: Your idea to share the book bundle prior to the semester starting is an excellent idea!We could split the cost of the original bundle (easier to come up with $380 than $760) and then when we get our funds we can split the cost of the second bundle.

    If you are still interested, let me know...I think that the books will be available at the end of June/early July.

  3. by   madnurse2b
    To those of you who are nervous - you will survive, most of the instructors are really there to help - although don't think it will be all hearts and roses. These are some tough nurses, and they expect a lot of you - as they should. If you want help - ask for it. Go to NSNA (national student nurses association) meetings, meet some of the other semester students, they offer mentors. According to the info we've been getting they are still trying to get some nursing tutors over at the tutoring center.
    In your first semester, the second that your syllabi are up - put all of the information on to a calendar, and the same for the week before so you know what you need to be writing when. Don't show up unprepared or not in uniform for lab or clinical, it's not that hard.
    With regard to the costs, it's expensive, especially first semester, but you needed to be prepared for this. The reason you don't want used on your books is being able to register everything - plus I've kept, and resourced everything as the time has gone on. Don't buy the APA book, go to the library.
    As far as one instructor over another - I've had instructors that other people hated, who were AMAZING FOR ME and I've avoided people because they wouldn't be a good instructor FOR ME. No advice has really worked for that.
    Take a deep breath, take another, put one foot in front of the other and move on. There WILL be times next semester when you want to cry - and probably will. That's okay, make sure you have someone to scream to about it, and know that it's normal.
    You have to be strong, tough, and ready for bad days, but this will be one of the most amazing and positive experiences of your life.
    Congratulations on getting in!
  4. by   tmgsn
    Yes I am still interested in sharing books. I do not know how to pm on this thing. Yes I want to get the books as early as possible too.

    I am very interested to see how they have the pharmacology set up.

    Does anyone know how it is set up? Are we learning Mech of Action? 1/2 life? Target organs? Indications, effects, contraindications, antagonistic effects or synergistic effects? like phenergan potentiates MS? viagra/nitro?
  5. by   Grixsy1
    I just graduated from CSN's nursing program. I guarantee that every semester you will be forewarned to NOT get certain instructors and you will not always be able to avoid them. I also guarantee that one persons nightmare will NOT be yours. The clinicals never have the instructor name so you won't know for certain who you have or even what location until orientation. Based on when your eary registration is each semester you will likely get stuck with someone who is your last choice a couple times during the program. Take it as a learning experience on how to work with different people because you will need those skills working on the floor later.

    It's a tough program but very rewarding to complete and remember the ultimate goal is to pass the state board exam and CSN has a high pass rate. Also remember from the beginning that you can only be reinstated ONCE and then you must go back to the very beginning and start over. That means if you have a personal reason to withdraw or if you don't pass your class you can be reinstated and take it over. If it happens a second time for any reason, you must reapply to the program and start at Nurs101 again. It doesn't matter if you were in an accident, if you had a baby or had some other family emergency come up; there are NO exceptions, this happen to two of my friends in the last semester. Good Luck to you!
  6. by   massagechick
    I would be interested in sharing a bundle of books, I heard some of them are in already. I started my Nursing Skills class last night and the teacher mentioned it. Also, I broke my arm and will be in a cast for the next 6 weeks so it would be great to have someone learn with as we familiarize ourselves with the program that comes with the books.

    I looked into the PM... they let you do it after you have 15 posts.. so maybe that feature isn't active on your account yet.

    I can be reached via my profile.
    Talk to you soon!
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  7. by   tmgsn
    I do not know how to reach you via your profile but what nursing skills class are you taking? At what time? I am at the school often and i know the books are in too, I have already been by the bookstore.
  8. by   massagechick
    my email address is in my profile... they won't let you post it
  9. by   massagechick
    im the 530 to 700 class... are you taking that toolbox class also?
  10. by   tmgsn
    no. not right now. Next week. i was in a conflicting class this week. How was it? did you have to wear your uniform? It is mon/wed or tues/thurs right? Or is it 4 nights per week? it was pretty basic math right?
  11. by   tmgsn
    What side of town do you live on? I live on the henderson side, accessable from the 95 and the 215, either way you come from...
  12. by   massagechick
    it only a couple days of math and they also teach you how to do care plans properly... it's designed to help you be more prepared when school starts