Got accepted to everest college of nursing in henderson nv, what should i expect?

  1. Hi everyone, I received an acceptance letter from everest college in henderson and was wondering how does this school work? If it is a good school, what to expect while in nursing school? And if working is possible while in Nursinf school?

    Please help I need all the advice and info I could get!

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   EM09
    Are you in the July start? I'm transferring from another school, so I'll be finishing some gen ed courses this term (starts Monday) and Everest then officially starting with the July starts as well (I'll just have lighter loads some quarter).

    I only know what my admissions rep, the Director and admin assistant have told me. I know I saw the schedule for Qt. 2 (the January starts) and school was Monday through Thursday. Two days were 8-5 and two days were 7-12. This quarter I was able to pick my classes either mornings, nights or online since they are all Gen Ed.

    They have said they're huge on being able to have a flexible work schedule, or not working at all. I've been told by multiple people that the second year is going to be the hardest because of clinicals and they prefer to not work during that time.

    Did you go to the info session?
  4. by   Hope_07
    Hi EM09,

    How was everything so far? Its 2015 now, by now ur close to graduation.. How was everything and the lectures and stuff? were u working while attending the program?