Get in at WNC?

  1. I was just curious....Did anyone get accepted into the nursing program at WNC for Fall 09? I applied to TMCC and WNC and got accepted into TMCC (my first choice, yay!), but got my letter from WNC about a week ago letting me know that I did not get accepted there. I also applied for their scrub tech program, and they sent me a letter saying they got the funds for the program, but no intructors to teach it, so it would be not happening this year!
    Congrats if you did!
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  3. by   Chronis
    Well first off congratulations! I was accepted into WNC in 2008 not 2009 but seeing as no one has answered this question yet ill give it my best shot. While I did not apply to both schools I do know students who did. One student I know was rejected from TMCC but was put on the wait list and eventually accepted into WNC. I think both schools are fairly evenly competitive with one schools being a little more competitive than the other in a given year. This might change however with the new Apollo program opening in Reno as students will have more options available to them. This might lower the competition to get in to a given school though this is merely conjecture on my part. Congratulations again on your acceptance and good luck!
  4. by   kjsquared
    Thanks so much for replying..I appreciate it! Congrats on being accepted in ''re half way there!!! How exciting! How is the WNC program, by the way?
    I was actually pretty suprised I didn't get in at WNC this year...I honestly thought I would NOT get in at TMCC and that I would get in at WNC... Just so happened that not so many people applied to TMCC this year, and apparently more appled at WNC! I also heard from a friend that looked into Apollo that it's about $50K for their program! That's insane!!! But you are correct, atleast it gives Reno a few more options other than UNR/TMCC/WNC.
  5. by   Chronis
    WNC is a great program with a lot of great teachers. It's pretty tuff though and can be very stressful. If you want you could read a little more about it on the post Wnc. If you have any specific questions about WNC I will also do my best to answer them. It's great you got in your first choice though ! I've also heard that Apollo College is pretty ludicrously expensive. But if it's only two years like I've heard I guess people will graduate faster than if they went to either TMCC or WNC since it takes us 3 year's with our prerequisites.
  6. by   NVRNCCM
    What is it with Nevada and acronyms? I know what UNR is but what is WNC and TNCC
  7. by   kjsquared
    NVRNCCM - lol...they're easier to say and type? TMCC=Truckee Meadows Community College, WNC=Western Nevada College..and you know what UNR is.

    Chronis - Thanks again for the info! Actually, the WNC link you gave me answered just about every question I had! A lady I work with told me one of her friends got into Apollo and it will take her 16 months to complete? so it looks like she will be graduating faster - I'm in the traditional program, 4 semesters with summer off.