Filipino Nurses in Nevada

  1. Hi,I'm looking for other Filipino nurses who are working right now in Nevada.I need some help because I'm interested in relocating there.Pls be kind enough to give me some tips....good hospitals in the area,rate per hour and a decent place to stay (apt.complex that is affordable and safe and preferably closer to place of work).I have 5-6 yrs of ICU experience.
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  3. by   stillwater
    umc hospital, mountainview, st rose.. although each hospitals has its pros and cons.. look it up in on their website for current rates and openings.. about apts, it depends on which hospital u decide to work at.. feel free to pm me for specific questions..
  4. by   coffeeaddict78
    Hi stillwater.Thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it! Actually I tried applying online at Mountainview but I had a hard time logging in to their website....I have to check UMC and St.Rose's website.As of now I don't have a Nevada license yet but I can apply for an endorsement as soon as possible.I'll PM you if I have other questions.Thanks a lot!
  5. by   stillwater
    ok..sure.. i'd like to add also.. and this is just my opinion, if you're med surg or stepdown, mtnview (hca company hospital, eg sunrise,mtnview) isnt the best when it comes to nurse to patient ratio.. but their icu is good.. their computer system is great.. umc has probably the best benefits alongside st rose here in las vegas.. umc is also a good place if youre looking for experience becaue of their level 1 trauma, and high acuity icus.. but the nursing "paperworks" is often a complaint of nurses.. its less high tech on charting,meds,etc compared to other hospitals..
    when it comes to salary, valley healthcare system (eg, valley view hospital) is the trendsetter for pay increase here in vegas.. i havent worked in one so i cant tell u more about them.. although i benefit when my hospital up their salary because of them increasing
    umc is not a good choice for salary per se, but has awesome benefits.. although if youre looking for per diem position, they're definitely something to look at.. $43/hr for critical care, $40/hr for stepdowns..