does nevada require toefl/ielts for foreign grads

  1. Does nevada require toefl/ielts for foreign grads BEFORE they can take the NCLEX?

    I called the Nevada BON and they told me they only need the CES. There's no need for the TOEFL/IELTS. I'm an immigrant, btw.

    But i'm getting mixed answers and now i'm confused. Some say Nevada requires TOEFL and other say that it doesn't. Enlighten the demons out of me!
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  3. by   kathykaye
    check their website.

    since you've called Nevada BON already, and they told you they only require CES.. then that's it!

    i didn't see any toefl requirement there.... goodluck!
  4. by   kingallnurses
    Yes, you don't need any of the English exams if you're an immigrant already. This exam is for VISA SCREEN requirement only for would-be immigrants.
  5. by   lots_of_luv
    for foreign grads, what's required? ielts or toefl?
  6. by   nurse_plush
    regarding the CES, is a local license really required?

    I really wanted to apply for the state of nevada but I heard that the cgfns is giving a hard time for the june 06 passers. But the CES evaluates your TOR, why then should the license be given of such importance, maybe to the cgfns exam...