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Hi Everyone! I am new to the site and will be applying to CSN's RN program in March. I wanted to start a thread and see who will be applying with me and how things are coming along for everyone. :)... Read More

  1. by   Twinkle toez
    I dropped off my application for the Fall 2012 full time program last week. I'm hopeful with 30 points. I applied last semester but only had 24 points & clearly didn't make it. I have finally completed ALL of my pre/co-requisites. The limited entry office said to expect an answer by late April. It is going to be torture to wait.
  2. by   stargurl2006
    30 pts for the full time is as good as gold! You should have no problems at all :-) Late April seems so... late :-( Last year, fall students had orientation the first Friday of May. Hopefully, they give us a little notice
  3. by   Bea123
    Has anyone heard how many people have applied? It's so hard to be patient and wait for an answer. Just wondering how good the chances are this semester.
  4. by   Kebby1016
    I'm turning my application in this morning! My A&P courses finally went through and posted as substitutions for CSN's A&P. I don't think we'll be able to find out until after selection how many people apply, but if it's anything like the last application cycle, I think I heard a number of somewhere around 225-250 applicants. I agree, late April seems sooo far away! :-/ Good luck to all of you, I hope we all get good news!
  5. by   stargurl2006
    Last day to put your apps in!! Then, we just have to wait :-) I think we are able to find out how many applicants there are once all the applications are in & they have a chance to count them. Maybe call next week and ask?
  6. by   Bea123
    Good plan!
  7. by   Kebby1016
    Be sure to let us know if you find out how many applications were submitted, I'm definitely curious too! I don't know how I'll be able to stand the wait...they've only had the applications for a day and I'm already dying to know how things are progressing! LOL. At minimum I will have 28 points,at most 30. My US Constitution course supposedly will be posted by Monday as a substitution for CSN's, so I may or may not see a point for that. Also, does anyone know about the credentialed health care experience and the work experience form? I turned in both and was told by Ms. Britt that each of them should earn a point. I thought it would just be one or the other, but apparently you can get a point for both?
  8. by   stargurl2006
    I think for the lpn program you can only get 1 or the other. For RN you can get both :-) I'm pretty sure your constitution class had to be posted by the first to get the point for it though, but 29 is very good! I think last semester 28 was the cutoff with a few 27s slipping in as guaranteed for full time.
  9. by   stargurl2006
    Just wanted to update and let everyone know: I spoke to the limited entry advisor & she told me that they dont have exact numbers for the applicants yet because they have added programs with february and march deadlines. But, they have approximately 145-160 for full time. Sadly, no guess on the part time yet. :-(
  10. by   Bea123
    Thanks for calling! That was nice!
  11. by   Kebby1016
    Thanks so much for the update Stargurl!
  12. by   Bea123
    So how's the wait going for everyone else? Does anyone have any info on how it's going?
  13. by   Twinkle toez
    I've been wondering the same thing. Hopefully it's soon.