Carrington College Reno, NV hopefuls!

  1. Any others out there waiting ever so impatiently??
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  3. by   Maegen89
    Right here! It's been a longggg two months of waiting, those letters can hurry up already!
  4. by   heyliss
    I just took my test this last Saturday. I couldn't sleep the night before and had the freakin flu when I went, so trying to focus through that whole thing was fun! Do they call you to tell you what percentile you're in?
  5. by   Maegen89
    That sounds awful I'm sorry they should be calling you today or tomorrow with your score breakdown. My first time they told me the percentile and the second time they didn't so I'm not sure! Let me know if they give you a percentile!
  6. by   heyliss
    I will! Are you feeling pretty confident with your score?
  7. by   heyliss
    Got the call from Carrington. All she really said was letters of acceptance and denial go out march 26, 27, and 28. She said there have been quite a few people failing the exam, and that so far there are over 200 applicants. There is one more test date. She didn't give me any idea where I stand other than to say my scores are good. I'm not gonna have any hair left by the time I get that letter!
  8. by   Maegen89
    I would've liked to get a little higher score on the writing to feel completely comfortable so I'm a little on edge haha I think I'm score is average so I'm hoping its good enough wow! Someone else has said that but I found it hard to believe. Is that 200 including those who didn't pass? Gah I'm right there with you! I took my test in January I'm surprised I still have hair!
  9. by   Maegen89
    Also do you mind me asking your scores?! No worries if you don't want to!
  10. by   heyliss
    I think it's 200 applicants total with the failed tests... I don't mind. It's no big secret. I got 91, 89, and 95 for reading, math, and writing in that order. I expected to do better on the math, but it was at that point in the test when I was most sick. I was concentrating on not running to the bathroom to puke. Not a good day to be sick! I only missed one on the writing and it knocked the score down by 5%. Makes it too easy to lose points. What were your scores?
  11. by   Maegen89
    Oh my gosh you have nothing to worry about then! Congratulations thats great! especially being sick, you go! I've talked to a pretty good amount of people and your scores are the best I've heard yet! Which makes me even more nervous haha I didn't do anything close to that! I got an over all of 80 which I'm hoping will squeeze me a spot!
  12. by   heyliss
    Oh, wow. the highest you've heard yet? Right on! I didn't mean to add to your nervousness though! Maybe I just lucked out. lol What are the average scores you've heard? We should be happy we made it through, I guess! It sounds like a lot of people didn't even pass!
  13. by   Maegen89
    Haha no worries, I'm happy for you! A couple 89,90s and then some low 80s! I honestly think you have nothing to worry about though! I wish next week would hurry up did you use anything specific for studying writing?
  14. by   heyliss
    Well, hopefully there aren't a bunch of super high scores out there. I'm still on edge waiting for that frickin letter! I studied the kaplan and the McGraw-Hill books for about a month, but the Kaplan had nothing about the writing in it. The McGraw-Hill had a little... I didn't really come across much to prepare for that section. Have you applied to other schools as well?