Applying to UNR Orvis Fall 2011

  1. Hello, I'm a pre-nursing student at UNR and I'm applying this fall for spring 2012 at Orvis. I'm just looking for other students applying as well. If you are, feel free to discuss anything! I only know a few people personally who are also applying, so I'd love to hear about other people's experiences leading up to this point! I suppose I'm feeling anxious since this will be my third time (3rd try's a charm??) applying after retaking a few classes. I'm hoping a 3.86 will be solid enough, but you never know! Any feedback is appreciated. Take care all
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  3. by   CaliJessXoxo
    Good luck!!! Have you heard what the cut off was this last go round?? Was going to push myself & try to cram in the 3 biologies this summer but decided to pace myself instead & will apply for Fall 2012 instead...
  4. by   hopeful_student
    I think the cutoff was at least a 3.7. Last fall it was a 3.72. You're definitely better off spreading out the 3 biologies rather than taking them all during summer. I tried taking micro and A&P at the same time as well as taking 3 other time consuming classes which is why I'm retaking A&P this summer. Good luck to you too
  5. by   chocolatepudding4
    Hi. Did you get into the program? I am applying for fall 2012 with a 3.787 GPA and am sooooo nervous!
  6. by   hopeful_student
    Hi chocolatepudding, thankfully I did get in and just completed my first week of the program! The cutoff last semester was a 3.80, so you should be cometitive with your gpa. I heard from the director of orvis that in the fall they may be implementing a new application process which may include an interview since the gpa's continue to rise towards 4.0. Good luck, I hope you get in! If not, don't give up! I had to retake 2 classes I had b's in and wasn't accepted until my 3rd try.
  7. by   chocolatepudding
    I am so nervous. I just turned in my application with a 3.788 GPA and I have a feeling that that won't be good enough :/ I am happy for you by the way. How is it going? Is it really hard? I have a friend that is also in the program and she does not hae time to have fun at all! I have to wait 4-6 weeks after march 2nd to find out if I got accepted!
  8. by   siwonbadan
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