any good review center here in vegas for nclex-rn?

  1. is there any good review center here in vegas that you guys can recommend, need your help, need to pass this exam, took the nclex-rn for 2X & didnt make it,... what can you advice me, this gonna be my last exam , since nevada had this policy 3X take only or do the refresher course .. i dont wanna do that route or what is the best review book or cd to use?
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  3. by   nursepower 4ever
    Lezah, I know how u feel I took the test 2x also this will be my 3rd. time. I'm using the NCLEX-RN review made Incredibly Easy by Lippincott. I'm also using their question & answer book NCLEX-RN made Incredibly Easy. Let me tell u they do make it Easy! The book doesn't lie they make it INCREDIBLY EASY it's great. I highly recommend it. I took Kaplan review before and didn't find it that great! Nurespower 4ever waiting to hear from u.
  4. by   lezah
    Hi, nice to hear from you...its so nice to know i have someone to talk too. this is your 3rd time to take too? I plan to take it before this year end, ow... im so worried bout this exam & wanna get this over.
    I had an account in NCSBN, u know that review thing they got there. Also I wanna take LPN exam a week before I will take my RN exam.. just so, i have a backup if i will pass LPN ...
    I tried to read that Incredibly easy book too... , I only use this book coz i got some friends who recommend it, they even use it in one of the review center.
    when are u planning to take your exam?
  5. by   blessed1702
    Your lives sound like mine! I will also be taking the Nclex exam for the third time on Oct 4th I have reviewed with the Kaplan book/NCSBN online for the first test. For the 2nd test I used the Kaplan online review, I don't know what to do??? I used the advice from most people on all nurses and have been doing the Saunders Comprehensive review, I'm almost halfway through the book. I called the BON here and the lady I spoke with also suggested Saunders. I know this is rough and have been praying about this exam for years now, and will continue to do so, I'll also be praying for you too! Good luck and let me now how your studies and exams go!
  6. by   lezah
    Hi how r u? its so nice to have somebody whom u can talk too & have the same situation as me. its ok we can do this, we can pass this exam we will keep on prayin till our prayers are answered. I have been reading the n searching for a gud review book. I read in one of the post from suzanne , she help a lot of takers too, she recommend saunders comprehensive review book for nclex-rn 3rd edition. i actually just started the review..but so far so good, suzanne says that every chapter u shud be a able to have at least 75% correct answer then go on to the next chapter.
    i realy do pray that u will pass this exam, i dont have a date for my exam yet but hopfully i will be ready before this year end.
  7. by   blessed1702
    Hello again!
    I know what you mean I started to feel like I was the only one in the world that has to take the NCLEX for the third time! We all go through trials don't we!?! Yeah, I'm halfway through the Saunders book, hope it's what I need!? I have 2 weeks:uhoh21: to go-please pray for me, I'll be doing the same for every nurse (soon to be) in the world! Best wishes with your studies! By the way third time is a charm!!!
  8. by   daisymp
    Quote from lezah
    is there any good review center here in vegas that you guys can recommend, need your help, need to pass this exam, took the nclex-rn for 2X & didnt make it,... what can you advice me, this gonna be my last exam , since nevada had this policy 3X take only or do the refresher course .. i dont wanna do that route or what is the best review book or cd to use?


    I was wondering if it is true that we need to take a refresher course after we failed the test for 3 times. I called Nevada BON and the woman in the line told me that we just need to reapply again and pay the required amount to process our application.She said we can take a exam as many as we want until we can pass. I didnt hear her saying we need to take a refresher course.

    May I know where did you get this info. Maybe the girl that I talked to in the telephone dont know about this..Thanks and God Bless all the test takers.

  9. by   blessed1702
    Hi Daisy,
    I've heard that after 3 fails you have to take a review course and I've heard that you only get 3 chances before you have to take the NCLEX in another state and have it transfered? Those are just word of mouth, I don't know for sure, I believe if you called the board that they are correct? At least I hope so. For my 3rd exam I had to get re-fingerprinted and pay another $100.00 to NV BON as well as $200.00 for pearson vue. I did pass the 3rd time so I'm not sure what to do after that, sorry I hope this is some helpful news.
  10. by   lezah
    wow, u passed the exam, im so happy for u blessed1702 (ur so blessed) I hope I can do this too. How many questions did u answer before ur computer stops? Im halfway done with the saunders now..after ur done with saunders what did u do? i mean as far as answering practice nclex questions?

    And yes! Daisy, if its ur 3rd time u have to do the fingerprint again ,pay the application fee which is ($100), also pay the exam for the pearson vue ($200) if by chance u dont pass the 3rd exam (hopefully not) u will have to do refresher course but you have a choice either u wanna stay in NV BON or u wanna go to a different state & do everything again & forget bout that refresher course.
  11. by   blessed1702
    Hi Lezah!
    Best wishes on your NCLEX! I got a little bit further than halfway through the Saunders book, after that I did practice quizzes on the CD, I averaged from 70-100% and I probably did about 15 of those and I did two of the 100 question exams and got a 69 and a 71. I was nervous because I didn't get through the whole book. Let me tell you that this Saunders book was the most I've ever read besides the Bible. I believe that was my downfall, I probably would've passed the first time if I had organized/outlined study material. The first two times I kept doing questions because that is what everyone suggested---but for me I needed the review. I was so exhausted after graduation I was ready to never look at a nursing book again, I needed respect for the NCLEX, I thought I could walk right in there and pass without studying, maybe that works for some, I've always been a horrible test taker. Trust your instinct you know the information-when you start to second guess yourself it will confuse you. I needed to learn patience, diligence, and confidence. Yeah, what a costly consequence, paying all the NCLEX fees the first time around should've been enough motivation for me to get my act together, some of us learn the hard way! I know you will succeed and I'll keep praying for you! Of course that is the sure way to pass, prayer, prayer, prayer!!! Let me know when you test!
  12. by   daisymp
    hi blessed,

    congrats!!Im happy for you. Actually, this is my first time to take the NCLEX and I am already eligible to take the test.But I didnt pay the pearson vue yet,because I know I need to take the test within 90 days.And I am not sure if I am that ready.Right now,I am starting to review, the first thing that I want to do is to go back to my nursing books read them then after that i will concentrate to the review books like saunders then practice answering the questions. I dont know how long it will take, I really need to read nursing books b ecause it been a while since when I was in the school.

    Blessed, for how long you'd study the nclex?Were you facing the books,reviewer all night long?..I just want to know because I really dont have a ptience in term of studying.hehehe

    By the way,I'm from the philippines,I been here in nevada for a couple of weeks now. I am already a Registered Nurse in our country, I was working as a staff nurse for 3 months and right now hoping to pass the nclex so that I cn start working here.

  13. by   blessed1702
    Hi Daisy,
    On the average I studied 3 hours everyday for 2 weeks and got a little more than halfway through the Saunders book. I know how you feel I do not like to's the most I've ever studied in my life!! You can do it if I can besides you're already a nurse from the Philippines! best wishes!
  14. by   lezah
    I am so happy to hear from u blessed1702. thanx for the encouragement. i always do pray that God will bless me with more courage & wisdom to do this review. Same here, I am tired studying, thought after i graduated that would be it & u know..?, after i took the nlcex thats when i knew im in trouble, terrified with mixed feelings, feeling of failure, u know.. after i failed the exam..., but learned it the hard way..,"I always tell myself others can do it why cant i???"...I need to be more confident , need more knowledge & courage to get through all this. With all my heart I pray that , hopefully this will be my last exam & not just that i WANT to pass it, I NEED to pass it, not just for myself but for my family.
    please pray for me.. i will keep in touch with u before i will take the exam & after i will pass the exam ..( i'll cross my finger)
    by the way Im Hazel Im happy to have u as someone i can talk too bout this nclex .
    take care...