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Nevada NICU nurses - legal defense fund?


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Hi - Texas nurse here. I just became aware of the terrible situation involving 2 Las Vegas NICU nurses that ocurred earlier this year. http://www.lvrj.com/news/babies--deaths-haunt-sunrise-nurses-106845233.html?viewAllComments=y&c=y I know that their personal & professional lives have been devastated during this process. Does anyone have an update on how they are doing?

Is there a website where we can offer support & donate to their legal-defense fund? If so, can you send me a pm and let me know - I'd like to provide any support that I can.

You may recall that we had a similar situation in Texas not too long ago - the infamous Winkler county case. Our state nurse's association responded very quickly to provide support & the response was overwhelming. BTW, both nurses were completely exonerated & have since collected some financial damanges.