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Hi all,

A doctor friend of mine at Baylor told me about a position called neuro-psychology nursing. He said that it is a very interesting field and most Doctors in his hospital think highly of these nurses and ask them for advice as they are allowed to diagnose a patient. This specialty doesn't require masters and you can go straight from BSN to PHD.

Has anyone heard of this? I tried to look online but to no avail.



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No, I haven't heard of this specialty, but I'd be interested to know too! Neurology is fascinating, and I'm told I have a gift for handling the "behavioral" patients.

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A co worker of mine is in school for his PhD in neuropsych. We live in Denver. I believe he is going to school at University of Colorado Health Sciences center. If you'd like I can ask him the specifics and how to get information on his program. Just PM me and let me know.

kc ccurn

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I checked with my friend, he is actually getting his clinical pysch degree from University of Denver....

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