NeuroScience vs. Telemetry

  1. Hi all!!
    I am about to start my last semester of school (YEA!!). I have been offered a position in a NeuroScience Unit as well as a Telemetry Unit at 281 bed hospital. The town I live in now has about a 30 bed hospital - which is where I do my clinicals at. Thus, I have very limited experience with either of these areas. Both units have a lot to offer me as a new graduate, but I am just not sure where to go. I ultimately hope to work in the ED. Could any of you give me some input?
    Thanks so much
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  3. by   prn nurse
    the emergency room, I would go to the telemetry unit. You will acquire more skills, and finesse your present skills more rapidly in the tele unit. Neuro is more specialized..therefore a narrower range of skills used. I have spent several years in neuro, tele, and e.r....the tele experience was the best for all around preparation for other units..Lots of e.r. is chest pain, a quick assess ment, v/s, ekg, and you're an e.r. nurse! 6 months on tele and u will be ready for e.r. they may try to keep you is a hard unit to staff, as the work is hard..try to have an understanding with the management that u are moving on to the the e.r. as soon as possible , if that is what u want. Is there only one hospital in your town? Towns with one or two hospitals, you have to kiss everyone's butt, cause if you p_ss anyone off, there you will be, driving 50 miles a day to the next hospital. So, keep your demands low and work on people skills and teamwork the first year or two..make those a priority. the other skills for either neuro , tele, or e.r. will come with time, but some nurses never acquire people/ communication skills or teamwork skills. Helpful hint: Whether in neuro or tele or e.r., if your patient is perspiring, think cardiac is abnormal for a person indoors in the air conditioning to be sweating..treat as a heart attack until it is ruled out. And good luck.
  4. by   sikevin
    I concur with the above advice. If your end goal in nursing is the ED then I would go with the tele. One of the hallmarks of ED is variety, and by definition you will just see neuro on a neuro floor. Also tele will give you a leg up with the EKG skills you will refine in the ED. Either way don't forget to work on the basic nursing skills of organization and time management as well as those people skills. No matter where you end up good luck!
  5. by   neuroRN
    Congrats about school! :-) I agree with the others, tele would definately give you the best experience and preparation for the ED. Especially for rhythm recognition, etc... Good Luck!