CNRN exam

  1. Anybody take the CNRN exam recently and have any study tips they want to share? I have signed up for a review course but 4 days does not seem to be enough. I want to start reviewing now but don't know where to begin. I have my Hickey book ready. What types of questions do they ask-critical thinking or straight recall? I am an anxious test taker so any insight would be really helpful!!!
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  3. by   RNNPICU
    I signed up to take the exam. I took a two day review course. I just took a pretest, so I know where my weak areas are, it is CV. anyways. Good LUck to you
  4. by   RN2784
    I took my CNRN (and passed!) in November of last year. I studied with the Hickey book mainly and the online review course the AANN offers. There was a ton of info that was in neither place that I used so don't limit yourself would be my advice. You may want to look at one more book at least to get more information. I'm sure there will always be more on the test than you can prepare for. I would say to make sure you have your neuroanatomy down pat. There was a book I love called "clincal neuroanatomy made ridiculously simple" by Goldberg. It's fantastic. There's a CD in it that is so helpful it's crazy. Definitely check it out if you feel you need to focus on this. Good luck!
  5. by   RNNPICU
    I took the CNRN this month (October) and PASSED, thank goodness - I will never take this exam again, it is really hard. I used the allegro flash cards, I took a review course in August. I also went through med-ed and paid for a online review course because I wanted to hear the auditory again.
    GHood Luck