Cardiac monitor

  1. Hi ive been working in icu for almost 2 years but i know so little how to use the cardiac monitor for intesive monitoring. I know the basics but we dont usually use PAWP, MAP etc in our clinical setting. Im concern with this issue bcos it is so embarrassing to brain freeze during an interview or exam knowing ur in such unit for quite a time when ask abt those terms and set ups and look frozen. If u could enlighten me with the other set up will greatly help me understand it in a simpler and interactive way. Tnx
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  3. by   dcmulkey
    Not all icu's use swans, which is where u would get ur wedge pressure from. I work in neuro/trauma icu and we never use swans. We only do Aline's and cvp for other cardiac monitoring. Occasionally we do transvenous pacing. So if u don't know something just say so...someone will hopefully take that as a teaching opportunity. Does ur Ccu or cv icu use swans? If day just go over there and ask to be taught and get hands on experience with them
  4. by   chudder
    You don't use MAP?

    Even if you don't use see PA catheters, much less wedge them, it doesn't hurt to educate yourself on the principles involved. There are lots of online resources to do this. I recommend starting with a ground up refresher on cardiac physiology supplemented after the fact with a review of cardiac monitoring. A used copy of Mohrman and Heller is a great start...