Advice for a prospective summer intern?

  1. Greetings,

    I have just finished my first year in nursing school, and have accepted a 6-week summer internship at a neuro unit. For my sake, and for that of the preceptor who will be working with me, I want to be as prepared as possible.

    Here's the deal: my school doesn't do a med/surg rotation until the second year, and we've have very limited opportunities thus far to practice any clinical skills. On the plus side, I've been getting good grades, and have ordered a copy of the textbook on neuro nursing recommended on this site with the intention of reading through it. I also will be reviewing my assesment skills and making darned sure I remember those cranial nerves before I walk in the door.

    What would you expect from an intern if you were a preceptor, and how could your intern help you out the most? What skills would you make sure he/ she would leave with?

    Thanks a million in advance...
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  3. by   sumrluvr73
    I had a first year intern last year. He was great and extremely intelligent. Here's why, He relaxed and understood that I didn't expect him to be a neuro nurse ( you are a student and should not be expected to know everything, esp., since none of us know EVERYTHING) You are there to learn and observe and assist with supervision. IF your preceptor is a good one he/she will help to mold your knowledge and understanding..REMEMBER no one was born a neuro nurse. I would expect my intern to be able to understand beyond a basic level at the end of an internship and answer and give rationales for any nursing school questions on an exam.