Advanced Practice Neuroscience Nursing -- Education?

  1. Hello all you skilled, talented neurscience nurses! I am absolutely fascinated with the human brain and nervous system. At this point, I am still in pre-nursing (until the spring), but am already considering neuroscience nursing as my intended specialty. I am trying to get more information about what it takes to become a neuroscience nurse. I would like to eventually continue my education and get a Master's or further in this specialty, as well as any certifications and continuing education available.

    So, my questions are:
    How does the process work? I understand you can start off as a new grad and go into neuroscience/NICU/neurosurgery. But are there particular certs required and/or available?

    Secondly, do you know of any universities with Master's or above programs for advanced practice nursing in neuroscience? While I would truly love to provide regular care for neuroscience patients, I would also like to have a larger role in the actual disease diagnosis/treatment and research. But I don't want to be a doctor. Am I making sense, or is this not possible?

    How can I find more information on this? I have looked at the AANN website and am not finding the kind of information I am looking for. Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated!!
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    One other question.... Was wondering about any student nurse externships (short-term summer programs) in neuro -- know of any? Many many thanks!