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I am still taking my pre-req classes and won't be applying to the School of Nursing for another year. Should I go ahead and buy the study guide for the NET test now and begin studying for it, or wait until next spring? What does the NET test consist of?


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The NET test is really kind of goofy, and I don't know how a person could really study for it. It basically looks at your reading level as well as math skills, so if you need to brush up on basic algebra and such you could do that. Then it will ask you like 20 weird questions that say things like "Which would you rather be - a lighthouse keeper or a bee keeper?" I mean it's strange. It's nothing to really worry about though. The test is a breeze. :)

Definitely a lighthouse keeper...bees freak me out!! Just kidding. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that the test isn't too difficult. My school has a study guide for it, but I didn't want to spend the $40 for it if I don't really need it. Thanks for your input!



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I'm sure you'll do great Valerie. Don't sweat it. I certainly can understand about not wanting to spend the cost if you don't have to. I'm a big advocate of spending money on study guides and the like. Heck, I've done it for every class (Lippencott's Review Series books rock!) but I certainly wouldn't spend the $40 for the review for the NET. Seriously. I think that the main points of that test are to make sure that you can read at a college level and that you can do the types of math required for dosage calculations and such. You'll do great!

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