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I have to take both entrance exams this summer, for two different schools. I have the study guides for both. Can those who have taken either one, tell me what you thought was hard on it? I took the practice math for the NET test and made a 98 so I am not worried about that. How is the Net test scored? It is based on all the subjects or just the math and reading? Is Teas way harder than the Net test? Any info helpful! Thanks:yeah:


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I took both exams (in Mass), and

dont be fooled by the Net , the math is easy but the reading is very different. The reading is very tricky they ask you to find the main idea, inference etc in a setence and its nothing like just taking a reading exam and extracting the info from it, you have to find the info in the Net exam.

Teas exam - math = algebra

reading, sometimes grammar aswell (depends on the school)

chemistry, chemical science


General life science

Physical science

As you can tell the Teas are far more complex than the Net. And you have to make sure to start months in advance studying this test. Or if you are good at general testing maybe you wont need to like some people

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