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I am a 35 year old Mom. I am currently taking my pre-reds. I really want to get into nursing in the fall class. Can anyone help?

Does anyone know where I can find info on the nursing entrance exam(NET)? I feel like I keep coming up on brick walls all the time.

I am planning to take the 2-yr program. If anyone can give me insight as to what to do please e-mail me at

[email protected]

Barron publishes a good extrance exam study guide. Here's a link to it at


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Hi, there's a book "The NET" Study Guide and it is published by:

Educational Resources, Inc.

8910 W. 62nd Terrace

Shawnee Mission,KS 66202

It is expensive for what the book is, about $30 with shipping I think. It is just a spiral bound little notebook. I think I heard they are actually the people who provide the NET test. That could be rumor but I used it and passed the NET. If I had to take the NET again I would study a little harder especially the math. There is an 800 # for this company but it's not in the book. Maybe do an online search.


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Hi. You can do a search on the internet. Try it's a pretty good search engine. I just took the entrance exam. The reading section of it isn't to bad, but I had to do some extra work for the math section. There were 7-10 questions for addition & subtraction, 7 pecentage questions, 7-10 questions with decimals, 7-10 questions with fractions, and 10 algebra questions. I studied hard for 2 weeks, and passed it with flying colors. Good luck.:)


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Well you never know. I had no idea that there WAS such a thing as an entrance exam! Hmmmmm.

Live and learn.

I took the NLN prenursing exam back in 1961. Is that the same thing? Probably not! :)

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