so nervous about the teas. I keep getting a bad score on the online practice tests


I take the teas test on Thursday. I have been studying on and off for a couple of months. I took the online practice tests version A and the highest score i got was a 59.3%. I took the online practice tests in the back of the book and got between a 70%-73%. I have gone over the secontions but it just seems like I can't get a better score on the practice tests. Is it true that the actual test is easier? help me please, i'm so stressed out. :(


I took the TEAS in August and it's not that bad, except for the science portion lol. Silly me, I took the TEAS before I had taken chemistry and A& bueno. If you have taken all of your nursing prereqs, it shouldn't be that complicated. All I have to say is practice! Good luck, you will do great :)


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Hi Aray!! First, take a deep breath!! The biggest issue with the Teas is the time constraint! My advice would be to skip and go back to the essay questions on the 1st portion of the paragraph and passage comprehension. There are approx. 20-25 of those questions that eat a lot of your time up!!! The first time I took the test I missed 18 questions on the reading portion of the test because I just "didn't get to them"!!! I scored a 68.7%(I was mortified!!) then took note of all the "extras" I needed to pay more attention to... I scored an 82.0% 61 days after my 1st attempt!!!


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I passed with a 74.7%!!! Not the best score ever but I only needed a 62%. I have heard you need at least a 72% to be accepted to a university but I'm not sure. I'm so happy. I'm not going to lie, the test was a little difficult and I would have not passed if I didn't study that ATI book for a few months on and off before I took the test. Thank you both for your responses, it really did help calm my nerves.


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Nice job and congrats!! Besides the ATI book, do you have any other advice for preparing for the TEAS V test? Did you enroll in a prep-course or taking any practice tests? Just curious. Thanks.


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I've heard a couple of people say they used the McGraw Hill 5 Tease practice test and that helped. I ordered it yesterday and I took a section test it helps I believe. You can get if cheaper if you get it as a nook book it was only 11.00 dollars for 5 tests. I have to schedule my Tease after my math class is over on Dec.17. I'm studying for about four hours a day. I really hope I do well on it I have less than a month to study. P.S. UTube has a lot of tease study help for math too. :cat: